When it comes to design, not many can bridge the gap between practicality and aesthetic quite like Wolf can. Throughout the duration of her career, Wolf has worked tirelessly to provide spaces that speak to both the needs and the wants of her clients. She believes that while we need an environment that is pragmatic, it is just as important to have one that inspires us to be our best selves.

Wolf's background is heavy in her own artistic endeavors, with her unique pieces displayed everywhere from Saks Fifth Avenue to the World Trade Building to countless college campuses, libraries, and restaurants throughout the tri-state area and beyond. While two very different aspects of her personal life and her career, Wolf has always found it both exciting and imperative to allow her experience in art to inspire her work in design.  After all, each is so tightly wound the notion of space, and how one can use it to enhance their daily activity.  She is a deep believer that a person should be inspired by nothing more than their own light.

Her design work is proof that Wolf can naturally weave the different desires of each of her clients with the universal notion that a well designed space should produce a sense of relaxation and stimulation, simultaneously.

Wolfs vision is matched with equal amounts of expertise and versatility. From a materials standpoint, she has worked with textiles, porcelain, wood, paper and more in a range of capacities  from painting to designing to finishing. Wolf combines her studies at Pratt Institute, Queens College, Columbia University, and Fashion Institute of Technology, New York with her own passionate and irreplaceable vision.  Her curiosity of the world around her and drive to not only discover more of it, but to make it better, has brought Wolf to places unimaginable.

With work scattered down the entire eastern seaboard, primarily in New York and Florida, Wolf has devoted an extensive portion of her life to creating the perfect spaces for her clients.  She lives for the moment where she gets to combine her infatuation with the natural world around her with the ability to mesh her ideas with someone else's, the result, an amalgamation of all things beautiful.

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